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Truax Correctors.

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Truax Correctors Applicances

Truax Corrector appliances - the only removable functional appliances that covers the teeth and a portion of the supporting alveolar bone, no metal clasps on teeth. The results are faster with greater dentofacial and skeletal changes during growth and development and even adults without growth.

Advantages of removable Truax Corrector Appliances:

  • The appliances provide sagittal and transverse changes in each arch while at the same time changing the antero-posterior relationship of the maxillae and mandible.
  • Reduces treatment time, extractions, and surgery. Patients are able to eat with the appliance in - faster changes when in place during function.
  • Excellent retention in the primary, mixed, transitional, and permanent dentition. During the transitional phase, areas can be blocked out for missing deciduous or erupting permanent teeth
  • Occlusal interferences are eliminated. The Truax Corrector II repositions the mandible forward a definite prescribed amount, in steps, if indicated. The Truax Corrector III delivers a continuous class III force.
  • Esthetic and comfortable.

Types of Truax Corrector Appliances :

  • TC II - will correct large overjet, overbite, and usually following a bite plane for tempromandibular joint dysfunction.
  • TC III - will correct an underbite as fast or faster than correcting a large overjet or overbite.

Patients must cooperate placing these removable functional appliances for the skeletal and dental changes to occur. These appliances are not a cemented non-compliant appliance.

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