reports for the AMR on the benefits of
Truax Correctors.

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Basic Tooth Guidance, Interceptive Treatment and Treatment Timing

In 1960 Dr. Lloyd H. Truax, orthodontist, and Dr. Anthony L. Lund, pediatric dentist, developed a procedure they call tooth guidance, interceptive treatment and treatment timing.

Tooth Guidance
Tooth Guidance is providing space (if necessary) for anterior teeth to erupt into better positions.

Interceptive Treatment
Interceptive Treatment is correcting a traumatic occlusion or to enhance the final treatment results.

Treatment Timing
Treatment Timing will provide space for erupting canines and premolars and also allows adequate time during growth and development to change dental and skeletal relationships.

With these concepts:

  • Patients will need less permanent teeth removed
  • Rarely orthognathic or distraction surgery
  • Less relapse during retention - permanent teeth erupted much straighter

Patient Examples:


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