reports for the AMR on the benefits of
Truax Correctors.

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STARS (Serial Truax Appliance, Rains System) use high tech removable appliances which are virtually invisible. A majority of orthodontic problems can be corrected with STARS in treatment time comparable to that for braces.

The advantages of STARS are appearance, comfort, oral hygiene and diet. STARS are removed to clean your teeth and brush the appliances. They are also removed for meals, so you may eat whatever you wish. Being no thicker than heavy paper, they are less irritating than braces. With STARS: appearance is the big plus; few people will know you are wearing them but they will notice your STAR smile!

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Patient Examples:

Impression of teeth were taken - models were made - crooked teeth were reset by the dental laboratory - STARS Appliances are vacuum fitted over properly realigned teeth

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