reports for the AMR on the benefits of
Truax Correctors.

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Clear Twin Activators TC2 and TC3

No wires or clasps! Orthodontics, Facial orthopedics, and TMD or TMJ Treatment WITHOUT Surgery using Truax Corrector Appliances.

Before 03-83

After 05-85

Large skeletal changes can be made without surgery. People that have a large overjet, overbite, underbite or jaw pain and headaches (TMD or TMJ), they can be successfully treated with orthopedics and orthodontics rather than orthodontics and surgery. The Truax Corrector appliances will correct the gross dental and skeletal discrepancies in children and adults. These removable functional appliances will also change the tempromandibular joint relationship so a dysfunctional joint (TMD or TMJ) seldom needs surgery. Orthodontic brackets are placed to detail the occlusion.

Since Truax Corrector Appliances were developed in 1993, all of our growing and most of our non-growing Class II, Class III, and TMD/TMJ patients have been successfully treated without orthognathic, distraction, or joint surgery.

Examples of Truax Applicances:

Seminar Overview:
These Appliances:

  • Can be used in the deciduous, mixed, or permanent dentition.
  • Necessary sagittal and transverse changes can be made in each arch while antero-posterior relationships are corrected.
  • When properly informed, patients and parents would rather cooperate placing esthetic, secure removable appliances rather than tipping teeth over supporting bone or surgery.

Also Important:

  • The treatment of all types of developing and adult malocclusions including tooth guidance, interceptive treatment, and treatment timing for children will be discussed and documented.


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